Can of ceremonial grade matcha, 30 grams

Organic Matcha Powder

Our matcha is organic, aromatic, and packed full of healthy nutrients. Matcha is also an memory booster, and stress reliever because of its l-theanine, and catechin content. Try it today!

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Chronic Pain? Matcha Can Help With That!

If you're any bit like me, you spend the weekends or evenings doing your best to enjoy life's offerings in the outdoors! Often, long hours on a bike, snowboard, or even just your feet are deemed taxing for the human...

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How To Make Hydrating Matcha Face Scrub ( 3 Ingredients Only!)

  Did you know, similar to the healing effects matcha has when ingested, it’s great for healing when applied topically as well! Thanks to the high content of chlorophyll, not only does it act as a great detoxifying agent, it...

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What Is L-Theanine?

What is L-theanine? Well, L-theanine is often noted as the secret to keeping a zen state. How did monks practice meditating for hours on end? Some think l-theanine was their secret. Let's break it down: it's an amino acid, and...

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