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Can of ceremonial grade matcha, 30 grams

High Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder

**Limited Time Offer**
Our Japanese matcha is organic, ceremonial grade, aromatic, and packed full of healthy nutrients. Matcha is an amazing memory booster, and stress reliever because of its l-theanine, and catechin content

We guarantee the quality of our matcha and ensure it will be up to your standards. If not satisfied with your purchase, contact us for a full refund at
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What Is L-Theanine?

What is L-theanine? Well, L-theanine is often noted as the secret to keeping a zen state. How did monks practice meditating for hours on end? Some think l-theanine was their secret. Let's break it down: it's an amino acid, and...

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Green Tea Croissants? Yes, it's true.

Want to try baking this at home? Buy 30g of high grade matcha here. Use discount code: G2G for 20% off. Courtesy of Top Impressions Bakery and INSIDER food. Add them on Facebook here.

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